Monthly retainer services

studio graphicCustom built design solutions that are structured to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Do you have on-going marketing and communication needs that require regular design support?
  • Are you an established business looking to maintain, update or grow your existing identity or marketing materials?

Maisonette’s monthly retainer agreements are a great way for companies with regular, on-going design needs to save money and have a personal designer at hand when you need one. You select the number of hours support you require each month and receive a great discounted rate and priority service.

Who should consider a retainer?

Businesses that have an ongoing need for communication design would benefit from using a monthly retainer. A retainer can be arranged for as few as 10 hours a month for a minimum three month period.

How does a retainer work?

With a retainer contract you have a dedicated graphic designer on hand for your projects without the overhead costs of having an employee. You book and pay for a certain number of hours per month on a minimum 3 month term and any additional hours you require are charged at the same great retainer rate. 15% of your booked hours can be rolled over for one month if they are unused. Once a retainer is terminated any remaining hours are not refundable.

Why would I use a retainer?

Because you save money! When you sign a retainer contract you can save over 40% off our regular rates. The more hours you book, the better the hourly rate. You also have the peace of mind that your hours will always be reserved for you which means your projects don’t get delayed when we get busy.

A retainer agreement makes it easier for you to work within your marketing budget as you know how much you will spend in advance each month and costs won’t spiral out of control.

How will I know how my hours are spent?

Maisonette uses time-tracking software to record the work completed on your quota. A report showing time spent on each projects will be made available to you at the end of each month. We are also happy to give you a rough estimate of how long we think a project will take before we begin.

Are specific services only covered under the retainer?

Any of Maisonette’s standard services can be covered by retainer. This includes; design, art direction and project management, branding design and consultation, magazine and publication design, visual communication and signage, interactive tablet presentations, advertising and ebook and ebook cover design amongst others. If you want to check if your requirements can be covered by a retainer, please email us.

Are there any costs the retainer doesn’t cover?

The retainer covers fees for the time Maisonette spends on your projects and does not cover external expenses such as printing or stock photography. Meetings after the initial consultation will be billed separately on an hourly basis. Fees for any additional sub-contracted services can be quoted on an as-needed basis.

If you think a monthly retainer agreement is right for your business, contact us today.